DIVA Administration

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About project archiving

Archiving a project creates a Zip file of all the Avid Media Composer project files for a specific project. The project’s media is not included.

User’s shared and private bins are included in the project archive.

Both shared and private projects can be archived.

Create a project archive

There are a number of methods of archiving a project:

Find a project archive

  1. Mount the project drive on which the project exists.
  2. Browse to the mounted drive on your computer.
  3. Open the Project Archive folder on the drive.
  4. Open the folder representing the date the archive was created. This is in the format year-month-day, so as to always be sorted chronologically.
  5. Find the .zip file which is named with the archived projects’ name. The date and time the archive was created is also in the file name.