Using DIVA

Everything an editor needs to know to get going with DIVA.

Display drive details

The following drive information can be displayed:

  • Status

    If the status is 'Online', the node is online and the drive is enabled. If not already mounted, the drive can be mounted.
    If the status is 'Offline', this means the node is offline, so the drive cannot be mounted.
    If the status is 'Missing', this means that the node is online, but the drive is missing.
    If the status is 'Maintenance', this means that a health check is being performed on the drive, and it cannot be mounted until the health check is completed.

  • Access

    With Read-Only access you can copy assets from the drive and view clips. With Full access you can copy assets, view clips and save assets to the drive.

  • Drive Type

    On a Basic drive, you can add files of any type.
    On an Avid Media drive, you can only save and work with Avid MXF files.
    On an Avid Projects drive, you can only save and work with Avid Media Composer projects and bins.

  • Space Used

    This is the space that has been used on the drive. Even when there are no files saved on the drive, there will always be some space used by the system.

  • Free Space

    This is the available space on the drive.

  • Size of Drive

    This is the total size of the drive that is allowed.

What is Node?

A node consists of one or more drives. It is the node that is a fixed size; not the drives that occupy it.

Each drive can use up as much space on the node as required, as long as the node has sufficient free space.

Before you begin

Before displaying a drive’s information, ensure the Drives pane is displayed. To do this, on the DIVA Client menu, click Drives.

Tip: If you have a long list of drives, see search for a drive for information on how to find the drive.

Display a drive’s information

  • From the list of drives, click the relevant drive.

Result: Information about the drive is listed to the right.

What’s Next?

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