DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

Create a favourite for specific users

Sometimes you will want to create a favourite for a small group of users, for example a project team.

You can also create a favourite for all users.

Create a favourite for specific user groups

  1. On DIVA Fusion's menu, click Favourites.
  2. Click New Favourite.
  3. Complete the Name field and if required, the Description field.

    Note: Give the favourite a unique name, for example, a name that encapsulates the drive or drives that you will be giving everyone access to.

    Note: If providing a description, provide enough information to distinguish this favourite from any others.

  4. Check Enabled to make the favourite appear in DIVA Client.
  5. Check Shared to make the favourite available to all users.
  6. Click Save Favourite.
  7. The new favourite is created and you can now add drives. Click the Drives tab.
  8. From the drop down menu, select a drive, then click Add Drive.
  9. (Optional) Assign a preferred drive letter to the drive. Under Preferred Drive Letter, select a letter for the drive.

    Note: If a letter has currently being used by a mounted drive, this letter will not be available for selection.

    Note: The preferred drive letter is only used when mounting the drive on a Windows computer.

    Note: If you assign a preferred letter to the drive, then when users mount the drive, the preferred letter will be mapped to the drive. If the drive letter you selected for this drive is already mapped to a mounted drive, another letter will automatically be mapped to this drive.

  10. Do you want to add another drive to the favourite? If Yes, go to Step 8.
  11. Click the Permissions tab.
  12. From the drop down menu, select a user group, then click </strong>Add Group</strong>.
  13. Do you want to assign this favourite to another group? If yes, go to step 12.
  14. </ol>