Using DIVA

Everything an editor needs to know to get going with DIVA.

Basic glossary

Also see the glossary of advanced terms if you want to nerd out a bit more.

DIVA Client
The application which you run on your edit suite to mount the drives
The drives created for use in DIVA are where you save and work with your files. You mount drives in DIVA Client to save and work on files from your edit suite.
External drive
A drive which is hosted external of the DIVA system, such as an FTP server on the internet, or a file share on a non-DIVA server on the network.
A collection of drives which you can mount all at once with a single click.
The process of opening a drive on your edit suite.
A password that is unique to your user account, which you type to sign into DIVA Client.
A user is a person who has been set up with a username and password to use DIVA. Each user is granted different access to the drives.
A code that is unique to each user of DIVA, which you type to sign into DIVA Client.