DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

System user groups

System user groups control access to the different areas of DIVA Fusion.

Server Administrator

A server administrator can:

  • create nodes
  • connect nodes, and
  • manage the job queue.

DIVA Administrator

A DIVA administrator can manage:

  • assign volumes to a license pool
  • remove a license from a license pool
  • add, edit and delete favourites
  • manage projects, and
  • modify users’ access to drives (permissions)

User Administrator

A user administrator can:

  • add, enable, disable, modify and delete user accounts, and
  • modify users’ access to drives (permissions)

Group Administrator

A group administrator can:

  • create, edit and delete user groups, and
  • assign user accounts to user groups.


An administrator can do all of the above. That is, an administrator can do everything a:

  • server administrators can do
  • DIVA administrator can do
  • user administrator can do, and
  • group administrator can do.