DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.


Your DIVA license determines how much drive space you can use.

As an example, the following diagram shows there are two pools to a DIVA License, an Avid Pool and a Basic Pool. Each pool in this example is licensed to a capacity of 48 TB.

On assigning a node’s volume to a pool (below), the available pool’s license is reduced.

For example, if on Node 1, Storage Device P: (1 TB) and Storage Device M: (40 TB) are assigned to the Avid Pool (48 TB license), the pool license is reduced by 41 TB and there is 7 TB of available license remaining to which other volumes, e.g., hard disks) can be assigned. Node 2’s volume ‘Storage Device M: (48 TB)’ is assigned to the Basic Pool (Also a 48 TB license), and as a result, the Basic Pool’s license is fully allocated.

Tip: If one of the node's volumes, e.g., hard disk, is assigned to a pool, the volume is called a 'DIVA Volume'.

The following diagram illustrates how volumes from different nodes can be assigned to a license.