DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

Edit a favourite

When editing a favourite you can:

  • change the name of the favourite
  • edit the favourite's description
  • enable or disable the favourite
  • change how the favourite is shared

    Note: You can share the favourite with all DIVA Client users, or restrict the favourite to members of one or more user groups.

  • add and remove links to drives, and

    Note: That is, you can change which drives are to be mounted when the favourite is used.

  • map a drive to a preferred drive letter (MS Windows only)

    Note: The preferred letter will be used if it is available when the drive is mounted. If it is not available, another letter will be mapped to the drive.

  • if the favourite is not shared with all DIVA Client users, you can assign the favourite to different user groups.

Display a favourite:

  1. On DIVA Fusion’s menu, click Favourites.

  2. Click the relevant favourite’s name.

Tip: If the list of favourites is long, use the search tools on the left to narrow down your search.

Edit a favourite

Review the following to see what you can edit.

Properties — Name, description, usage and availability

Note: When editing fields and checkboxes, remember to save your changes

Favourite properties
Favourite Properties

Drives — Drives assigned to this favourite

Favourite drives
Add & remove drives from the favourite

Permissions — User groups with access to this favourite

Note: The Permissions tab is only displayed when the Shared checkbox on the Properties tab is deselected.

Favourite user groups
Add or remove groups with access to the favourite