DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

What's on the Dashboard

DIVA Dashboard

Status Graphs

The four circular graphs show the current status for Jobs, Nodes, Drives, and Events. Hovering over any graph will display a breakdown of what it represents, e.g. the number of jobs queued, failed, or completed. Clicking the graph title will take you to that management page within Fusion.


Download links for the various applications for your current version of DIVA.


Additional files which you want to make easily available to all users. These are stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Group 6 Technologies\DIVA Fusion\Installs\Tools, and you can add any file to this folder.

Volume Usage

Any DIVA Volume which is monitored will display it’s usage statistics here. This is a quick method to gauge free space across multiple DIVA nodes.

You can change which volumes appear on the dashboard by changing each volume’s monitoring settings.