DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

Change Backblaze B2 configuration

You can change what B2 bucket is being used to backup your projects.

Warning If you change the B2 bucket being used you will no longer be able to restore files from the old bucket in DIVA.

When changing bucket we recommend resetting the backup status within DIVA, and starting your backup from scratch.

Change B2 bucket and reset backup status

  1. Ensure there are no backups currently running.
  2. Close DIVA Node on any servers which have project drives.
  3. Close DIVA Server.
  4. Backup the DIVA database using SQLBackupAndFTP. Keep this backup in a safe place, as it is the last copy with the backup information before changing bucket.
  5. In DIVA Fusion, under System, Settings, Backup, enter the new B2 bucket information.
  6. Execute the following SQL script against the DIVA database to reset the backup information:
          DELETE FROM [FileVersions]
          DELETE FROM [Files]
          DBCC CHECKIDENT ([Files], RESEED, 0)
          DELETE FROM [BackupSnapshots]
          DBCC CHECKIDENT ([BackupSnapshots], RESEED, 0)
          DELETE FROM [BackupSnapshotErrors]
          DELETE FROM [Statistics]
          WHERE [Name] LIKE 'Restore.%'
          DELETE FROM [Statistics]
          WHERE [Name] LIKE 'BACKUP.%'
  7. Using IIS recycle the DIVA application pool, and restart the DIVA site.
  8. Open DIVA Server.
  9. Open DIVA Node.

Result: At the next scheduled backup time the projects will start to backup again to the new bucket.