DIVA Administration

How to manage your system and keep it running smoothly.

Acknowledging events

The event log tracks events that can disrupt users’ productivity. Depending on how notifications are set up, an event will trigger a series of emails. For an event, emails will be sent over a 24 hour period unless resolved or acknowledged.

In addition to an email being sent as soon as it is detected, further notifications of active events are emailed:

  • half an hour after the event started
  • one hour after the event started
  • six hours after the event started, and
  • 24 hours after the event started.

Note: Once an event is resolved, or no longer recurring, there is a five minute delay before the event record is closed, to ensure it doesn't reoccur.

Acknowledge all events

  1. On the DIVA Fusion menu click System, then Event Log.

  2. On the Event Log page, review the events.

  3. Click Acknowledge All Incidents.

Result: For all current events, email notifications will cease.

Future events will be unaffected and will initiate emailed notifications until resolved or acknowledged.

If the same event recurs within 28 days, it is set to ‘Active’ and until acknowledged or resolved, it will generate a new set of emailed notifications.